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The Jewish Fencing Club (JFC)

Royal College of Art London, RCA2022 Graduate Show

21 Feb 2020 - 04 Apr 2021

Inspired by imagery of Jewish fencing clubs in early 20th century Europe, The Jewish Fencing Club (JFC) project re-enacts and appropriates elements from these clubs, now disappeared. A central aspect of the project focuses on the ‘Jewish Body’, deconstructing a body-image that was historically shaped by both oppression and aspiration. The body of work intertwines and intersects different aesthetic languages: racial anthropology, impotent masculinity, Jewish-nationalism, homoeroticism, and the graceful sport of fencing.

Please visit RCA2022 graduate show website for more images and info about the project.

Installation photos by Gregor Petrikovic.

Ariel Hacohen, The Frieze,2022, detail-1.jpg
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